Visas and Nationality is the designated service supporting individuals applying for UK visas or for settlement in the UK, provided by UK NARIC on behalf of the Home Office.

Apply online for official UK NARIC statements, custom-designed for immigration purposes, that confirm your academic qualification level and/or English language proficiency – as appropriate for your personal circumstances and immigration route. All the key information required by Home Office UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) case workers is presented clearly.

The new VisasAndNationality service is faster and works to 10-day turnround times, instead of the 15-day turnround times on UK NARIC Services for Work and Study. The new service costs £125 + VAT.

The new VisasAndNationality web application process asks you all the relevant questions and keeps you on the right path to help ensure you get the correct paperwork to support your immigration application. Online messaging allows you to contact our dedicated VisasAndNationality help team at any stage in your application.

To apply online, you will need to know your Immigration Tier and Immigration Route. For information about the different UK Immigration Tiers and Routes, please visit

The new VisasAndNationality paper statements have enhanced security features for your assurance and to protect the integrity of the immigration process. UKVI case workers can check and verify paper statements direct with UK NARIC.

This new VisasAndNationality service replaces the Home Office UKVI Points-Based Calculator web pages, which went offline on 5 April. The new service is easier to use and helps ensure you get the correct documentation to support your immigration application.

Further information about the new VisasAndNationality service

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